Together but Alone

It’s the 21st century, 2016. We live in a world where having technology is the norm, it’s common. If you don’t have it, you stand out. Technology connects us to the people arounds us and people around the world. Even so, it keeps us more distant from each other as well.

Let me explain. Many have said that we are more likely to electronically send something that we wouldn’t dare say aloud. The current generations are being raised in a society that hides behind a screen. We learn to wear a mask created by social media where we show what we want people to see instead of who we are. We are surrounded by people we think we know, but really, all we know is their status.

As humans we desire to have relationships with others but we are doing this through followers and Facebook friends instead of face-to-face. We live in a digital world, a fantasy of sorts, we believe what we want to believe instead of what is true. We learn that we can’t trust because let’s face it, we all wear our own masks. We’re so fixated on who society says we should be that we don’t even know who we are.

Look around you, people are on their phones. When you can go to a restaurant, you see couples on their phones not living in the moment, not being present where they are. Society and media has created a culture where we are together all the time, but are we really? I’d like to say we are but really we are more alone than ever. There used to be a day where friends were made at local restaurants, coffee shops, activities not on the internet behind a glass screen. We feel more alone than ever yet we don’t make a change, more depression than ever yet we keep doing things the same.

It’s time to make a change. So the next time you go out put down the phone, take a look around you, talk to someone new. Let’s create a revolution where we stop hiding behind a media mask but start showing who we are. Go past the surface level conversation and really care about who people are.

Be real, be you, and don’t let anyone tell you that you should hide who you are. You were created wonderfully unique, embrace it and show the world how amazing you are.


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