10 Ways To Show You Care

We are blessed with so much technology that has improved our lives. Well, it’s improved everything except our relationships with others. We’ve stopped caring more about the person than their latest status update. We don’t ask enough questions. However, we can change this.¬†We may care about someone but often forget to show we care by the simplest things (I do it too!). Showing you care is about taking time to appreciate someone and love on them. You don’t have to spend money on gifts to show you care, you can show it in different ways.

  1. Send Them a Text

    I don’t mean “hey,” I mean send them a text to show you are thinking about them. Ask them how they’re doing. Invite them to spend time with you. Have a conversation.

  2. Visit Them at Work

    If they work driving distance to where you live or work, pop in and visit them for a short bit. This shows that you really care and went out of your way to spend time with them and see them.

  3. Spend Quality Time With Them

    Don’t just be in the same room with them. Put the phone down and engage with them, make them feel appreciated and wanted.

  4. Compliment Them

    Compliment something about them that isn’t their appearance, maybe the way they make you feel. This shows you care more about them as a whole than just their appearance.

  5. Show Interest In What They’re Saying

    Ask questions, be engaged. Care about what they say because it’s important to them.

  6. Be Honest

    Don’t try to hide stuff or be sneaky. Be open and honest with them when they ask about you.

  7. Listen

    Don’t just listen, but hear what they are saying. Remembering the small things can mean a lot to a person.

  8. Involve Them In Your Life

    Don’t hide them from everyone. If you really care about them, you should want to spend time with them with the other people and things in your life.

  9. Trust Them

    Relationships are built on honesty and trust. If you can’t trust them, how can they trust you?

  10. Compromise

    You can’t be right all the time (even if you think you are). Maybe you like something they don’t and vice versa, do both. Relationships are about give and take.


Relationships, no matter what type, are about loving and caring about the other person. Showing how you feel is how you grow the relationship. It’s important to be vulnerable and trust that they cherish you as well.

You Are Important, So Are They.


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